Thursday, December 3, 2015


Just in case you have not come across it yet check out Timequake by Kurt Vonnegut ,you will really enjoy.But be sure to skip the prologue as it is the ultimate spoiler that takes the surprise element away.

If the purpose of a really good book to make you laugh and challenge the status quo,this Book is the one that does it Big Time.It brilliantly instills truths in your head in such a way they will lodge in your psyche and refuse to budge no matter what one tries until you acknowledge them (with a view to acceptance) OR , compels you to provide your own antidote with a counter that stands up to long term scrutiny.And youll gain a new appreciation for Chinese Temple Bells.

The Book can be regarded as a final testimony ( or last chapter as Kurt calls it) to the Work and Ideas of Vonnegut.

In this talk Vonnegut explores some of the themes of the Book and the life of a Writer with some great insights for the Internet age and observations that reading a book is THE Western method of Eastern type meditation.

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